GAF2013 Highlights


GAF2013 highlights:

  • Over 900 professionals from 20 countries and regions participated.
  • 82 distinguished speakers including Alan Mulally, Fumihiko Ike, Dr. Jochem Heizmann, Amedeo Felisa, Suk-Geun OH, Li Shufu, Zhu Fushou, shared their views in 16 sessions on key topics affecting the industry.
  • Highlighted in the Wuhan Government's 2014 Report.
  • Journalists from 85 domestic and 24 foreign media organizations were in attendance.
  • China Central Television played an active role as an Associated Partner.


Speakers included:

  • Top executives from key automotive manufacturers (OEMs) from China and countries worldwide.
  • Government officials and regulators from home and abroad.
  • Top executives from Chinese and foreign auto parts and operating systems manufacturers.
  • Senior executives from banking and financial institutions.
  • Leading experts on the automotive sector and related issues.
  • Leaders from the specialized and general media outlets from China and abroad.
  • Senior government officials.

Speakers & VIPS

Invitation to the Fifth Global Automotive Forum PDF Print E-mail
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On behalf of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade,Automotive Committee, I am pleased to invite you to the Fifth Annual Meeting of Global Automotive Forum (“GAF2014”) on October 16-17, 2014 in Wuhan,China.
The GAF goes beyond existing national or regional automotive conferences by taking a holistic, integrated approach to reviewing the global automotive industry. The aim is to generate outcome-oriented discussions among automotive business leaders, political decision-makers, economists and industry experts. In doing so, the GAF provides participants with unique insights into the technological, economic, societal and trade developments impacting the industry.
We are pleased that the GAF is now acknowledged worldwide and are determined to make GAF2014 even more successful. This year’s agenda will cover a wide range of issues and challenges facing all industry leaders in sessions that are structured to encourage maximum interaction and debate.
As a prominent automotive industry executive, your participation will make an especially valuable contribution. We sincerely hope that you will be able to participate in the GAF2014 on October 15 and 16, and look forward to welcoming you in Wuhan.
Wang Xia
Executive Chairman, Global Automotive Forum Organizing Committee
Chairman, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Automotive Committee
The Transformation and Upgrading of the Automotive Industry - Industry Executives Brainstorm PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 20 October 2014 07:08

GAF2014 Press Release Two

At the opening plenary of the 5th Global Automotive Forum on Oct 16, major domestic auto group executives and other participants discussed the most relevant issues and challenges facing the automotive industry today. Key topics discussed were: guidelines for transformation; rebuilding enterprise relationships and improving supply chain efficiency among the OEM’s and auto suppliers, regulatory and policy issues facing the industry, the importance of green manufacturing, remanufacturing and energy conservation, adjustment to the China strategies of global assemblers, addressing structural issues and overcapacity, etc.


Zhu Fushou: "Matthew Effect" will become the new normal in the development of the automotive industry.

The transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry, said Zhu Fushou, General Manager of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, is affected by the domestic environment. The automotive industry in China is showing a new normal in its development and the main features are: a. a micro-growth state, b.the function of resources allocation in the market and the "Matthew Effect" more prominent, c. facing a variety of challenges, d. cross-field integration, e. the extension of the value chain.

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Opening of The Global Automotive Forum, The Transformation of China’s Automotive Industry- Challenges and Opportunities PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 17 October 2014 03:22

GAF2014 Press Release One

The 5th Annual Meeting of Global Automotive Forum began today in Wuhan, China. The topic this year is “Vision for the Transformation of China’s Automotive Industry”. The backdrop for the discussion is the global economic environment and the ever changing challenges in the automotive industry worldwide. The forum provides a platform for industry leaders, experts, financiers, analysts and media to share their opinions and knowledge to better anticipate the development of China’s automotive industry.

Wang Ruixiang: Transforming the focus from volume production to quality production is critical.

As a pillar industry in China, the current output value of the automotive industry contributes 6 trillion RMB each year to the national economy, the production and sales volume ranked first among the world. China accounts for about a quarter of the world’s automotive market making it a veritable automobile manufacturing and selling power.


Wang Ruixiang, Chairman of China Machinery Industry Federation, remarked:

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